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Larry Young started off in the early 60's as a Soul-Jazz organist, but by 1965 was so taken by John Coltrane's music that he recorded a modal Jazz album with Joe Henderson, Woddy Shaw and Elvin Jones: Unity (Blue Note) is regarded by many as the best Jazz organ recording.

Young became the B-3's most talented innovator and went on to play with Tony Williams and Miles Davis in the late 60's/early 70's. With Williams and John McLaughlin, he formed the Lifetime trio which helped forge the Fusion genre.

Young's funkier stuff on Arista is hard to find. He also recorded some sessions with Jimi Hendrix, from which one track was released on Hendrix' Nine To The Universe (Reprise).




1960 Larry Young Trio, Larry Young, Jr. (org) Thornel Schwartz (g) Jimmie Smith (d) Joe Holiday (ts 3, 7), VGS, Englewood Cliffs, NJ; August 2, 1960, Testifying -When I Grow Too Old To Dream -Exercise For Chihuahuas, Falling In Love With Love -Some Thorny Blues -Wee Dot -Flamingo - * Testifying (New Jazz NJLP-8249)..

Larry Young Jr. was born Larry John McCoy in Newark, New Jersey on October 7, 1940 to Agnes McCoy and Larry Young Sr. who was a professional organist. The rehearsals that took place at his home and the records he played drew his son into music at a very early age. Larry McCoy began making music at the family piano as a toddler and soon his father was versing him in classical music and jazz. Larry McCoy attended Arts High School in Newark, New Jersey in 1954.,,


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